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We have a mission: To make the Geek Garage Podcast the best damn nerd culture show on the internet. And we’ve gained A LOT of traction in our 3 years of being in motion, all thanks to you our loyal, amazing listeners/fans!

So with that, we are ready to shift into the next phase of development: Taking on Patreon Donors! We know that it’s always a little awkward when it comes to “asking for money/donations”; oftentimes, it can feel a lot like begging. Which is why we’ve chosen to focus on 2 major things:

  1. All of the money that we raise from our donors will be poured right back into the podcast. Whether it’s improvements to the overall quality of the show, or funding our excursions and public appearances.
  2. Making the donor rewards actually enticing, so you feel like its worth your time. We went to great lengths to figure out what rewards our listeners would be most interested in, so there’s actually some incentive to becoming a donor!

Please see below for our complete list of Donor Tiers, and visit our Patreon page if you decide to become one of our amazing supporters!

Tier #1

Price: $2 per month

  • A shout-out on our next episode, thanking you for your support, as well as your name listed on the “Wall of Donors” on the GG website.
  • Official supporter SWAG pack, including a button/sticker combo exclusive to donors, as well as a personalized thank-you card.
  • Early access to podcast episodes and blog posts.

Tier #2

Price: $3 per month

  • Everything in Tier 1, plus…
  • Participate in monthly online hangout & AMA.
  • Submit suggestions for new episodes.

Tier #3

Price: $5 per month

  • Everything in Tiers 1 & 2, plus…
  • You get to pick a movie we do for a “Watch-Along” episode.
  • Become a “Geek Garage Advisor”: Patron-only voting power, to decide on episode topics, new logo designs, etc.