Ep. #63 – The Album That Slaps The Hardest…

Episode #63 finds our Geeks discussing the results of a Facebook Group poll from this past week. We recently asked our listeners “What’s one of your favorite albums, that slaps just as hard as it did the very first time you heard it?”. Everyone that weighed in with their album pick(s) got a shout-out as well as their pick read during the episode!

Ep. #39 – Welcome To The Black (Friday) Parade

On this Black Friday, my two friends Miranda (Frick) and Amanda (Frack) join me to celebrate My Chemical Romance getting back together! During our discussion, we talk about how we first discovered the band, and our extensive history with seeing the band live. We also chat about what we hope to get out of the band reuniting (more live shows, new music, etc).

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Ep. #12 – Alternative Rock of the 2000s

Alternative rock music of the 2000s is the best. It’s the genre that gave us bands like Blink 182, Fall Out Boy, and My Chemical Romance. And if you don’t like those bands, you’re entitled to your wrong opinion. On today’s episode, we discuss this amazing genre of music, and cover talking points such as:

    Our favorite bands that helped shape the genre
    Bands whose sound has evolved over time
    Bands who has stayed true to their original sound

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