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#123: Dune Part 1 (2021)

This week we are keeping calm and walking in an irregular pattern, because our topic is Dune Part 1, directed by Denis Villeneuve! David and Zack discuss what they enjoyed...

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#122: The History of Halloween (feat. Ashley White)

This week wraps up our spooky season and we are going out in style! Cohost Zack Wills is back, and also joining us is longtime friend and resident history badass...

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#121: DC FanDome 2021 + Horror Movie Talk (feat. Zach Rancourt)

This week we are bringing you a neat hybrid episode, with the help of our good friend Zachary Rancourt, host of the Don’t Be Crazy Podcast! First, Zach and I...

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#120: “What’s Your Favorite Scary Movie?” (feat. Amanda “Frack” Eyler)

We’re continuing our slate of spooky season episodes with a discussion of the infamous Scream franchise, featuring our good friend and returning guest Amanda “Frack” Eyler. If you enjoy our...

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#119: Horror Movie Sequels (The Good, Bad, & Ugly)

It’s officially spooky season! We’re kicking off the month of October with the highly controversial topic of the best vs the worst horror sequels, with the help of Ted White...

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#118: Our “MARVELous” Adventure (Iron Man & Iron Man 2)

“The truth is… I am Iron Man”. This week we’re suiting up to discuss Iron Man (2008) & Iron Man 2 (2010), as we continue on with our “timeline” order...

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117: Nerdy News Update (Dune, The Batman, Peacemaker Spin-Off, and more!)

It’s time for another Nerdy News Update! Tune in this week to hear us discuss Denis Villeneuve’s thoughts on the MCU, the Book of Boba Fett, a possible “Civil War”...

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116: Our “MARVELous” Adventure (Captain America & Captain Marvel)

This week we are kicking off a brand new series where David and his new cohost Zack Wills will be visiting/revisiting all of the amazing content within the Marvel Cinematic...

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115: Nerdy News Update (Zack Attack!)

We’re joined this week by good friend and returning guest Zack Wills to delivery some nerdy news! Discussed topics include the box office performance of “Shang-Chi and the Legend of...

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114: Marvel’s “What If…?” Episodes 1-4 Breakdown

This week David’s wife Lindsay joins the podcast to help discuss the first 4 episodes of Marvel’s What If?, currently streaming on Disney+! If you enjoy our podcast, please leave...

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