Ep. #52 – A Survivor’s Guide to Social Distancing

Greetings, fellow geeks and nerds! We hope you all are fairing well out there right now. Things at the moment are…quite strange, to say the least. So we put together an episode for you that might help you make it through this “Social Distancing” period that we are all having to endure. We first talk a bit about some things that we’ve been doing to bide our time, then we recorded a few mini-segments with past podcast guests (listed below) to see what they’ve been up to. Just a fair warning, there’s plenty of talk about nerdy stuff (duh), including Animal Crossing: New Horizons!

Mini-Segment #1 features Julian Loomis, our guest for Ep. #44 – Fueling Self-Improvement Through Nerdom.

Mini-Segment #2 features Kirk Griffin, a guest featured on two episodes in 2019 when we did our #RoadToMTAC series: Ep. #27 – #RoadToMTAC2019 Pt 2, Digital Gaming and Ep. #29 – #RoadToMTAC2019 Pt 3, Anime.

Mini-Segment #3 features Zailey Williams, who was a guest on Ep. #47 – Anime-Influenced Art, alongside her friends Miser and Rachel Watts.

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