GalaxyCon Louisville 2019

We had an amazing time at Louisville’s 2019 GalaxyCon! Please feel free to listen to our podcast episode, where we discuss our experience in full detail.

As we’ve stated a few times now, GalaxyCon was kind of our first, kind of our second, and kind of our third convention for the podcast. Back in April 2019, we attended MTAC (Middle Tennessee Anime Convention) in Nashville, TN as official press, and just promoted the podcast “guerilla style”. AKA, we walked around the convention, got to know attendees, and passed out buttons with the podcast logo to raise awareness for our show. Then, a few months later in July, we attended AkaiCon in Lebanon, TN, but this time as artists in the Artist/Exhibitor Hall. Our booth for AkaiCon was…not super impressive, to say the least. Not only did we not hold a candle to the amazing artists we shared space with due to a lack of products we weren’t selling, but we did not yet have a banner or any other trade show type markers. Then we had GalaxyCon in November, which was BY FAR the best experience of the three.

We’d like to thank GalaxyCon once more for inviting the Geek Garage Podcast to attend their convention, and appear in the artist alley!