Let’s Talk About Game of Thrones, Season 8 So Far…


We are now officially past the halfway point of season 8, which will conclude Game of Thrones


And man, is it going to be a sad fucking day when this wonderful, amazing fantasy world comes to a close. This season as a whole, however, may go down in history as a different story…

It was completely new news to me that fans have not been enjoying season 8 thus far. If you are not completely sure of what I am referring to, allow me to fill you in: Quite a few loyal GoT viewers are not super happy with how this season has been going. From complaints about episodes being too “dark”, to misplaced coffee cups and lackluster storytelling, everyone’s got something to be pissed about.

Since when has it become so difficult for people to find joy in something? ANYTHING?! Sure, I will admit that since the show officially surpassed the original source material some years/seasons ago, it’s lost a tiny bit of what used to give it that sense of fantasy and amazement. But COME ONE GUYS. It can’t be that bad!

Ok, let’s take on a few of the most popular arguments, and debunk them right here and now.

Loss In Overall Quality

Like I said earlier, I’ll admit that the last few seasons have not been as good as the first few. But let’s look at what we’ve gotten so far, in just FOUR EPISODES:

  • All of the Starks are back in Winterfell, and kicking so much fucking ass. Seriously: Jon is a natural leader, Sansa was born to be Lady of Winterfell, Arya will stab you in the dick, and Bran will beat anyone at a staring contest.
  • The character development has been amazing, and every actor on the show has brought their “A” game (see literally ANY of the 4 episodes for an example).
  • We got to see the Night King get taken down by one of the most badass female characters in the series. And with a sneak attack, no less! And she could literally care less about the recognition for it. #Humble
  • Things are starting to look a bit grim for our main, beloved characters. Based off of past events, this is usually a clear indicator that some serious shit is about to go down. Dany turning into the Mad Queen, and burning down King’s Landing. Cersei getting her own head chopped off as retaliation. A GIANT duel between The Mountain and The Hound (see what I did there?). Jon putting his swordsmanship (and leadership) to good use. Literally, take your pick!

“The Battle of Winterfell” Episode Was Too Dark

Bitch, please. It’s the Battle of Winterfell, which takes place at night. With ice zombies. In the North, which is covered in snow. IT’S SUPPOSED TO BE DARK! My television is going on 10 years old, and I was still able to make out most of the necessary details to see what was happening. Also, relax, and understand how privileged you are to be able to complain about an episode of a show not having enough light. Sit down, be humble.

The Season Feels Too Rushed

Ok, seriously? You had like a year and a half to prepare yourself that some serious shit was gonna go down in a mere 6 episodes. You have no excuse. “But they’re trying to pack so much in, in such a short period of time!” Can it. This is crunch time. Nut-up, or shut up. As a good friend of mine likes to say: “Sometimes, it be like that”.

Jon Not Petting Ghost Before He Left For King’s Landing

Are we in 4th grade here people? Have we never seen a movie, or television program? Ok, well for those of you just tuning in, let me explain something to you: Sometimes it hurts too fucking much to say goodbye to those you hold close. Sure, he took the time to say bye and hug Sam and Gilly. But have those two been by Jon’s side for basically this entire series. No. Also, the bond between man and dog/wolf/dire-wolf is unparalleled, in this or any other universe. Consequently, the emotions (especially when it comes to separation) are vastly more complicated than we even have words for. The Germans may have a word for that feeling, but I took Spanish in high school. Sorry. What I’m trying to say is that, sometimes, it’s easier to say nothing, than saying goodbye forever.

Also, don’t think that for a second that both Tormund AND Ghost AND a shit-ton of Wildlings aren’t gonna come save Jon’s ass in King’s Landing. Jon helped save them in one of the most epic battles in TV history, so they kind of owe him one. But sure, if you want to kick rocks, and really pretend like this is really the last time we’ll all see the two of these beloved characters, then go ahead and kick rocks.

So, as I climb down off of my soap box, please keep in mind that IRL I am really quite the pragmatist, so I do understand some of the points being made by those that are frustrated. This is the last hurrah for one of the best TV programs ever aired, ever, so we all want to see it go down in epic fashion. Just try to keep in mind that, at the end of the day, it’s just TV. And when it’s done, we’ll all find something else to watch. Or who knows? Maybe we’ll actually crack those monstrous books that George R. R. Martin has cranked out. Assuming he doesn’t die before he’s finished them all 🤞.

And finally, remember: Be kind, stay geeky, and eat lots of motherfucking cheesecake…