Geek Garage Podcast

Ep. #04 – Netflix Original Series

Netflix has quite the abundance of viewing material, both from their streaming services as well as their DVD mail order service. However, their original series have taken over these past few years as their bread and butter. In today’s episode, we discuss how Netflix has broken the mold as a streaming service, successfully transitioned into being a provider of original content, and changed the way we consume entertainment. We also came up with our own top 5 favorite Netflix Original Series.

In addition to today’s topic, we started a new segment (name pending, Nerdy News Update maybe?) where we each talk about something that’s been in the news of geek-media:

  • Andrew talks about Disney’s plans to make “Star Wars World”  in both Disney Land and World
  • Connor talks about how he’s been playing his favorite new video game
  • David talks about his favorite musician Andrew McMahon, and his new album “Zombies On Broadway

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