Geek Garage Podcast

Ep. #05 – Games With Friends: Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit

All aboard the Hogwarts Express! Today we take a break from discussing geeky topics, and play an exciting round of Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit. Also new for today’s episode, we have our very first guests: Lindsay Dassau (wife of David and hardcore HP fan), Raegan Dillingham (good friend and hardcore HP fan) and her fiancé Aaron (kind of a HP fan).

For our “Nerdy News Update”:
    -Aaron informs us that you definitely should NOT lick the new Nintendo Switch cartridges
    -Raegan lets us know that she’s kind of disappointed with the new Kingdom Hearts game
    -Lindsay is excited for Fantastic Beasts to come out on DVD
    -David talks about Facebook’s plan for a new AI that will hopefully prove to be helpful

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