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Comic Corner, Issue #2: “The Punisher” (2004)

(Before I begin the post proper, let me say that it’s unfortunate, if not entirely unexpected, that people who suck at life have grossly misunderstood the character of The Punisher, and subsequently co-opted his – admittedly badass – skull insignia for their own dipshit reasons.[1] Despite that, I still thoroughly enjoy the character, and doubt that will ever change. More to the point, I refuse to allow people who suck to ruin the fun – especially when considering that Frank Castle, if real, would hate these people even more than I do. In short, illegitimi non carborundum.[2] If you like the character and hate that it’s being corrupted by fucking assholes, co-creator Gerry Conway has launched Skulls for Justice– a t-shirt campaign designed to “[re]claim this symbol,” with 100% of money raised going to Black Lives Matter. – Ted)

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Comic Corner, Issue #1 – Batman: Knightfall

Welcome to our very first issue of Comic Corner, where David writes about one of his favorite Batman comics, Batman: Knightfall!