Anime-Influenced Art (and the Artists that make it)

Episode #47 finds our Geeks welcoming three amazing artists who have an artistic style that is heavily influenced by anime: Miser, Rachel, and Zailey. We had the pleasure of meeting and working alongside these ladies in the Artist Alley at GalaxyCon Louisville, back in November 2019. They were gracious enough to come on the podcast to discuss what it’s like being artists of different mediums, give a look into their artist processes, and give advice to any independent artists out there looking to make a name for themselves. We then spent some time chatting about our favorite anime shows, and properly define the term “weeb” for David.

Please take a moment to check out these incredibly talented artists, and follow them on social media!

Miser: @miserablearts

Rachel: LetsMakePeopleSmile/@rachelsrandomartwork

Zailey: @morticia_x

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