David Dassau

Ep. #61 – Cosplay Collective, Pt. 2

Episode #61 finds our Geeks talking more cosplay, with the help of their friend Mimi Battaglia. Mimi has her hand in several facets of both cosplay and conventions. She’s not only a cosplayer herself, but also runs several different panels at conventions, and has her own bath bomb business “Bat’s Baths”.

Ep. #60 – Cosplay Collective, Pt. 1

Episode #60 finds our Geeks celebrating the wonderful world of cosplay! With the help of friend/cosplayer/prop-maker Gabe Silva, we chat about our first experiences with cosplay, what goes into the DIY side of cosplay, and the possibility of making it a legit business. We then dole out some helpful tips and tricks for listeners that might be interested in getting into cosplay, and/or the DIY side of things!

Comic Corner, Issue #1 – Batman: Knightfall

Welcome to our very first issue of Comic Corner, where David writes about one of his favorite Batman comics, Batman: Knightfall!

Ep. #59 – Sony’s PS5 Showcase

Episode #59 finds our Geeks nerding out over Sony’s big Playstation 5 showcase last week! We chat about the new console itself and some of its features, as well as all the games we’re excited about.

GG Goes to the Movies #22: “Psycho” Celebrates 60

Goes to the Movies #22 finds our Geeks celebrating the 60th anniversary of Alfred Hitchcock’s incomparable horror classic “Psycho”, with the help of friend and podcast alum Shauna Hoyt. Join us as we break down several aspects of the film, including the elements that made it a great horror movie, why/how it holds up after 60 years, and of course the infamous shower scene!

Ep. #58 – “That’s What She Said…” (Revisiting NBC’s “The Office”)

Episode #58 finds our Geeks revisiting The Office (US), with the help of their friend and Geek Garage alum Amanda “Frack” Vanderbrink. We talk about some of our favorite moments from the series, our favorite episodes (spoiler alert, it’s “Dinner Party”), and the best of the best of the Jim pranks!

GG Goes to the Movies #21: “Escape from New York” & “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (US)”

Join us as we wrap up our “First-Watch” month with John Carpenter’s 1981 cult action classic “Escape from New York”, and David Fincher’s 2011 “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”

Ep. #57 – Unreal Engine 5, Playstation 5, Xbox Series X, and More!

Today we are nerding out about the Unreal Engine 5 demo, PS5, and Xbox Series X!

GG Goes to the Movies #20: Ip Man (First-Watch)

Welcome to week 2 of our “First Watch” month! Ted’s first pick for David is 2008’s “Ip Man”, directed by Wilson Yip and starring the one and only Kung Fu badass Donnie Yen. This episode does contain minor spoilers, so do proceed with caution!

GG Goes to the Movies #19: Inside Llewyn Davis (First-Watch)

We are wrapping up our Villains theme month with a watch-along: “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse”!