Geek Garage Podcast

Hosts + Guests

David T. Dassau

Main Host

Things that David likes: podcasting (obviously), photography, guitar, and playing with his kids. He also aspires to be a writer one day, even though he knows deep down that crippling self-doubt and fear of rejection will constantly reign supreme.

Things that David DOESN’T like: trying new foods, Dementors, Enya, and anything that’s trying to be milk that is in fact NOT milk (i.e. Soy Milk).

Andrew L. Knollenberg


Things that Andrew likes: anything that has to do with Star Wars, fine wines, cheap wines, Italian food, telling people he’s Italian, and telling people he’s from Chicago. He also likes to play video games. A lot.

Things that Andrew DOESN’T like: E.T. The Extraterrestrial

Connor K. Miller


Things that Connor likes: Anime, sushi, weird Japanese horror movies. Actually, he likes pretty much everything Japanese (He’s turning Japanese, I really think so).

Things that Connor doesn’t like: remakes of movies that were already good to begin with, sub-par Ramen, and when you steal his stuff.


Catie Fenley


Catie was our very first guest, featured on Episode #08, where we pitted The Office against Parks & Rec. She’s also featured on Episode #14 (Game of Thrones, Season 7 Recap) and Episode #17 (HBO Original Series).

Catie has an AMAZING Etsy page, where she sells gently-used vintage clothing and apparel.

Lindsey Dassau


Lindsey was featured on Episode #11 – Allons Y, where we discussed the hit BBC show Doctor Who. She did an amazing job breaking down the show for first-time viewers, filling you in with all the deets of what you need to know about the show.

Dylan Kline


Dylan, along with his awesome girlfriend Brooklyn, were featured on Episode #12, where the three of us practically gushed over the amazing music in the “Alt-Rock” genre that came out of the 2000s.

Dylan has been good friends with David, Andrew, and Connor for a long time. Before the Geek Garage Podcast was a thing, he helped form Two Player Media, a YouTube channel with original comedic skits. If you see him at conventions in Nashville, he will most likely be dressed as his alter-ego Terry, cousin to Ned and Ted.