UPDATE: Comic Corner, May’s Episodes, and More!

Hello, my beautiful nerds and geeks, and happy May the 4th! We hope you all have been well, and are doing your best to stay sane during these crazy times! We wanted to take a quick second to fill y’all in on some new stuff going on with the podcast. If you have questions about any of the following items, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us on social media!

May’s Episodes

Before I dive into what we have in store for you this month regarding podcast episodes, I first want to thank everyone that took the time to participate (in any form/fashion) during April’s “Villains” theme month. We feel so incredibly fortunate to have fans/listeners that are eager to interact with us, and give us suggestions/opinions. That said, we are keeping the theme month ball rolling (sort of) with a set of four episodes for May. The loose theme is entitled “First Watches”, where we’ve each picked two movies that the other person hasn’t seen yet. We’ll dedicate each episode to asking each other certain questions about the movie, such as general thoughts, favorite scenes, etc. We hope that you all enjoy May’s episodes as much as April’s, and as per usual if you ever have suggestions for episode topics we are always open to new ideas!

Comic Corner

During episode 56, Ted and I talked about creating more supplemental content for you all, in addition to our weekly podcast episodes. For a while now, we had been tossing around some ideas that would allow us to bring you, our amazing listeners, some sort of bonus content. With a few ideas/topics in mind, we originally set out to make this bonus content available as extra episodes of the podcast. However, with both of our schedules stretched pretty tight already, it seemed as though additional recording might not be doable (right now, at least).

Then, about a week ago we both realized that lately our blog content has been…lacking. And around the same time, we discovered that it would be fun to have another dedicated “corner” (similar to our “Goes to the Movies” segment) for the discussion of comic books. It was about at that moment when the light bulb went off for us, where we could put these two ideas together, and introduce a new segment entitled the Geek Garage Podcast’s Comic Corner!

The concept of Comic Corner is fairly simple. Ted and I will each pick out a comic book, write a short personalized synopsis of the story, and then give a review on it. We don’t want you to take our word as the gold standard. In fact, our opinions most of the time are stupid, and we should feel ashamed for thinking of them in the first place. However, we can guarantee that we will almost always actively choose to review comic books that we enjoy, that we think you all would enjoy, and are widely considered by the public to be “good”.

We’re very much looking forward to this new and exciting venture of the podcast, and we hope you are as well. Make sure you’ve taken the time to like/follow us on all social media outlets, so you can be the first to know about our first issue of Comic Corner!

The New Facebook Group

Lastly, we recently created a Facebook Group, dedicated to our fans and listeners, to encourage interaction between you guys and us. We’ve had a lot of fun with the polls and other nerdy discussions that have transpired thus far, so keep up the great work! If you’d like to join the group, feel free to follow the link above, or send us a DM on Facebook and we’ll get you added!

Once again, thank you so much for being awesome and dedicating your time to supporting our podcast. It absolutely means the word to us that you all take the time to listen to the show, and interact with us on social media. If you enjoy listening to the podcast, please consider becoming one of our Patreon donors. We have multiple tiers to choose from (starting at only $2!) with all kinds of cool perks! All of the money we make from our donors goes right back into the podcast, like improving our audio equipment and funding trips to conventions for public appearances!

And as always: Be kind, stay geeky, and eat lots of cheesecake!

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