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New Movie Poll – Which April/May Release Are You Most Excited About?

So when I originally wrote this blog post on Thursday morning, Avengers: Infinity War was still slated for its original May 4th release date. Also at that time, the blog post was titled “Which May Release Are You Most Excited About?”. Well…don’t I look like a horse’s ass? As you probably have heard by now, for some reason the release date has been pushed up by a full week. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am quite elated by this news… buuuuut I do wish it came to us MCU fans just a tiny bit sooner.

So I figured that just because Avengers isn’t coming out in May anymore, there’s no reason why I can’t still hold this poll. TBH, April 27th is practically May anyways, right???

So please carry on, my fellow nerds. Let your freak-flag fly, and let me and the whole world know which film you’re going nuts over.

Are you pumped about the sophomore attempt by our favorite “Merc with a Mouth”?

Maybe you’re super stoked to discover what Han Solo and his co-pilot Chewy were up to pre-A New Hope.

Or perhaps…just maybe…you’re curious to see what kind of madness Thanos will bring to planet Earth, in a movie that’s literally 10 years in the making.

At the end of May, once all 3 movies have been released, Andrew Knollenberg, Connor Miller, and I will be doing a retrospective episode for the podcast to discuss our thoughts on the films!

Thank you for being loyal listeners of the podcast, and remember…
Be Kind, Stay Geeky, and Eat Lots of Cheesecake.

-David T. Dassau

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