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My First Few Hours with “Horizon Zero Dawn”

For the past few months, I have been contemplating getting a new gaming console. I did a shit ton of research on both the Xbox 1s and the PlayStation 4 Slim, highlighting each of their respective pros and cons. I was almost 100% certain I was going to go with the Xbox, until I discovered a little newly-released gem called Horizon Zero Dawn. It had only been available to purchase for two days, and it was BLOWING UP my Facebook timeline. Between people posting screenshots of the game’s beautiful scenic landscapes, to the general gushing of excitement, this title was clearly something I needed to look into more.

And goddammit, am I glad I did.

I didn’t even get to the point of watching any of the game play videos, when I decided to nix the Xbox 1s idea, and go with the tried-and-true PlayStation console.

BTW, god bless that tax return money.

So I got my new console and the game on Saturday, and spent a generous portion of the day playing. Here are my thoughts on it so far:


Horizon is hands-down one of the best-looking games I’ve seen in a long time. Also, please take this (as well as the rest of my critiques) with a grain of salt, since I’m not a hardcore gamer. Honestly, there’s plenty to say about the look and feel of this game. If you Google “Horizon Zero Dawn screenshots” you’ll discover just the tip of the iceberg of the beauty of this game. However, for me, the best parts are in the minute details. The fact that you can see each blade of grass move individually is simply mind-blowing.


So you’re telling me that robot dinosaurs have invaded earth, and I have to defeat them with a bow and some arrows? Lol…ok. This concept alone was enough to get me interested. Also, the melee attacks are pretty badass; nothing like showing a big machine who’s boss by cutting them down with a giant fucking sword.

Oh yeah, in addition to the robots trying to kill you, there are also other people that want you dead. And they have guns. What the hell?!


I’ve got to be honest with you, I’ve never been someone who’s cared a lot about the storyline of a game. For the most part, I’m totally content with you handing me a gun and saying “Hey, those right there are the bad guys. Shoot the bad guys”. But Horizon Zero Dawn has proven to be an exception so far. The game does a great job of grabbing your attention and pulling you into the story right off the bat. And just like a good narrative, there isn’t a whole lot of exposition right off the bat to overwhelm the player (which is great for me, because I’m stupid). I’m very excited to learn more about the story and where it takes the character.


I’ve never wanted a haircut where it’s really short on the sides, and then it’s dreadlocks on top…until now. Omg, the costumes and hair are fantastic. All I can think about is how every character in the game would make an awesome cosplay. It’s almost like The Wildlings from Game of Thrones decided to add more layers, and become a little bit more “fabulous” with their colors.

So, there it is. My short and sweet first thoughts on the game Horizon Zero Dawn. If you have some of your own first impressions to add, please feel free to comment below, or hit us up on Facebook or Twitter!

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