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New Episode Soon, And We Need Your Help!

When you think back to your childhood, many things probably come to mind. For instance, you might have painful reminders of what clothes and hair styles you thought were cool. You might also think about the times you played outside, rode your bike without a helmet, and drank water straight from the hose. Regardless of what might come to mind when you reminisce on the days of your youth, there’s most likely one constant between all of us when it comes to our childhood: family game night.

That’s right. That infamous night, where we would get together with our families or our siblings, and unleash our competitive nature like a raccoon with rabies. Sometimes we were civil with our opponents, and no feelings would be hurt if you lost (even if it was your signature game that you ruled at). Then again, there were probably times when punches were thrown, furniture was broken in anger, feelings were hurt, and people got grounded.

No matter how your family game nights went down, it’s usually something fun to look back on. Family game night was a staple for many people in their childhood because most of us resided in the middle to lower-middle class, and we simply didn’t have the money to go out and do fun stuff. So for many of us, game night holds a special place in our hearts.

So, if you haven’t guessed the topic for our next episode, I’ll go ahead and tell you. It’s “Family Game Night”. *GASP* I know, I bet you didn’t see where I was going with that preface!

For this episode, we’d absolutely LOVE some listener participation. If you could, please write to us and tell us about your family game nights. It doesn’t have to be anything lengthy; even a few short sentences will do. And if you submit something to us, guess what? We’re going to read it during the episode! Here are a few examples of things you could say about your family game night:

  • What games were popular among your family/siblings?
  • Did anyone have a competitive nature, or was a sore loser?
  • Did fights usually break out?
  • Did you have any traditions surrounding game night (i.e. Dad would always go first, eat snacks while you played, etc.)

As far as submissions go, please feel free to reach out to us on Facebook, Twitter, or email.

One last thing: I want to extend another HUGE thank-you to everyone has supported the podcast so far. Whether you’ve taken the time to follow us on social media, subscribed to the podcast, or even told your friends about us. Know that we greatly appreciate it, and the show would be NOTHING without you guys. Thank you so much!!!

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